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We offer abortion and medical abortion abortion pills for up to 28weeks. Our goal has always been to care for women’s physical and emotional well-being. In our clinic, women receive safe abortion procedures in a compassionate setting. That explains why so many women who have used our services bring their loved ones to our clinic if they need help.

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With tens of abortion clinics in East London, remember to mind your safety. Safe, professional and expert abortion services is what Dr. Thandi Abortion Clinic offers to her clients.

1. If your pregnancy is under 10 weeks, a termination can be done with medicine (pill) (at home or in the centre) without the need for a surgical procedure or with surgical procedure, depending on circumstances as well as your preference.

2. If your pregnancy is above 12 weeks to 20 weeks the termination can only be done through a Surgical Procedure at one of our centres. (Sedation option is available at extra cost)

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Always remember, at Dr Thandi Abortion Clinic you are in the safest hands. Our Doctors and Nurses are all experienced, accredited professionals. Rest assured that you will be treated with care and without any judgement.We guarantee your rights to confidentiality.

We specialize in non-surgical abortion using quick safe abortion pills. We terminate all unwanted pregnancies that is done same day.

Our services are SAFE, PAIN FREE, NO SIDE EFFECTS AND it’s done same day. Whatever is done, Its private and confidential, we use approved recommended pills, we also do deliveries for those in need all over SOUTH AFRICA and AFRICA at large.

Can’t get abortion pills from clicks, dischem or any where? We have them…just Whatsapp +27 73 330 7582 relax and we deliver

Abortion Services
Are you under 10 weeks pregnant and looking at getting a medical abortion? Speak to one of our trained service providers who will advise you on the options available to you at this stage of your pregnancy


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